henry iv part 1

At the Pennyslvania Shakespeare Festival, 7/24-8/4

Shakespeare's history of the conflict between Prince Hal, his father Henry IV, and his cousin, Henry Percy (a.k.a. Hotspur).  With comic relief by Falstaff, the drunken, recreant knight.

This play will be produced as PSF's yearly "Extreme Shakespeare," also known as the "Hit-and-Run:" no director, no designers, only 4 days' rehearsal!    Come see these pros fly by the seat of their pants and deliver the goods.

Lawton plays Hotspur's uncle, Thomas Percy, Earl of Worcester, leader of the rebellion against the crown.  


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Lawton returns to the campus of the University of Notre Dame, his alma mater, to perform this solo play about Father Sorin, founder of the University.  


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the resistable rise of arturo ui

Lantern Theater, Philadelphia, 9/5 -- 10/13

A shady businessman turns to politics, using gangster instincts to grab and hold power. He rapidly learns how to sway a crowd using fear and false promises. Will the people reject his appeal or succumb to his demands? In the midst of a world war, Bertolt Brecht brought forth this brilliant drama that remains an insightful parable for our time.

Lawton plays the title role.


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The great divorce

DeSales University, Center Valley, PA, 10/21

No further information, at this point, on when the bus to heaven departs.  Check back closer to the date!


The great divorce

St. David's School, Raleigh, NC, 10/27

Not a whole lot of info on this show yet, but there will be soon!


Here's the website for St. David's; there'll eventually be info on the show there.

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a christmas carol

Lantern Theater, Philadelphia, 12/5 - 12/29

The Lantern remounts Lawton's solo adaptation of Dickens' beloved tale.  With haunting and glorious light and sound design by Thom Weaver and Christopher Colucci.


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