27 Years a Performer

A Career in Performance


Anthony Lawton has acted professionally since 1992.

He has performed in over 100 professional productions, and has experience in film and television.

In 1998, he started the Mirror Theatre Company, which performs solo and small-cast plays.

The mission of the Mirror is: Spiritual Theatre for a Secular Audience. 
The company is committed to presenting drama about our spiritual life that will be of interest to all audiences, secular or religious.  Lawton wants his plays to be part of an ongoing dialogue with the audience -- a dialogue in which we discuss and consider that which is (or isn't!) Eternal in us.

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The Great Divorce


Lawton's solo adaptation of C.S. Lewis' novella.  It's  the story of a busload of malcontents who journey from Hell to Heaven -- and struggle over the decision of where to stay.  Lawton can perform the story in virtually any venue.  For more details, click here.

The Screwtape Letters


This is a two-person adaptation of Lewis' novel.  In the sprawling bureaucracy of Hell, we encounter Screwtape, a mid-level demonic administrator, sending epistolary advice to his nephew, Wormwood, on how to corrupt a human soul.  The piece is punctuated with a broad spectrum of dance styles, including Latin ballroom, tap dance, martial arts,  and (pictured above) fire-eating.  For more details, click here.



Shel Silverstein's rollicking tall tales about good-ol'-boy Billy and his misadventures gambling with the Devil.  Set entirely in rhyme.  For mature audiences.



Lawton's autobiographical play recounts his spiritual formation as a Catholic, and a crisis of faith he faced in his thirties.  For mature audiences.

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