The Great Divorce
Tony Lawton has adapted C.S. Lewis' novella, The Great Divorce, into an 80-minute, solo performance.

The play is the story of Clive, who, along with a motley crew of malcontents, takes a bus ride from hell to heaven.  They are offered a chance to stay in heaven forever if they like, but the choice between joy and miserable loneliness proves to be much harder than they would have guessed.  The piece is a feast of rich language, profound psychological insight, and humor.

Lawton performs the play solo, portraying more than a dozen characters.  This is the simplest and most portable of the Mirror's offerings, which is probably why it is the cheapest and most popular!  Lawton can perform the play with as little as one day's notice, in spaces as varied as a theatre, gymnasium, meeting room, or living room!  All we require from you is a stool, about 3-4 feet high, preferably wood, with no backrest.

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Fee: $1,000 (or $1,200 for Special Performance, see below)
Expenses: Travel and Lodging
Royalties: If you charge admission, you are required to pay the C.S. Lewis estate a royalty equal to 3% of your gross box office receipts, and another 3% of the receipts to me as adaptor.  If you do not charge admission for the event, you are not required to pay a royalty.

The ordinary production of THE GREAT DIVORCE runs 75 minutes, and is (we think) the theatrically superior version of the show. Lawton also presents a 90-minute version of the show for an extra $200.  This version contains supplementary material which (we think) lengthens the show in a way that tests the patience of a non-Lewis fan, but the option is there for you Lewis die-hards.

The 75-minute version contains these segments: The Big Man ("I came here to ask for my rights"), The Ambitious Wife ("I forgive him as a Christian"), The Cynic ("I never saw one of these bright mornings that didn't turn to rain later on"), George MacDonald, and The Lizard.

The 90-minute version contains all those segments, plus: The Bishop ("When the doctrine of the Resurrection ceased to commend itself to the faculties God had given me. . .") and The Artist ("Do you mean those damned Neo-Regionalists have won after all?").
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