The Screwtape Letters
   Lawton has adapted C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters into a 90-minute, two-person play.

   The show features Screwtape, an undersecretary in Hell's sprawling bureaucracy.  He dictates letters to his demon nephew, Wormwood, who has been assigned the task of tempting a single, earthly soul to damnation.  Screwtape offers diabolical advice on the best ways to lead a mortal into self-delusion, surrender, pettiness, vice, and despair.  The language crackles with satirical wit and penetrating insight on the psychology of human failure and unhappiness.

    Punctuating the play are dances between each letter, in styles as varied as tap, Latin ballroom, jazz, martial arts, and rock, and which feature extras like bullwhips and fire-eating.  Screwtape performs these dances with his sinuous secretary, Toadpipe.

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   The play needs to be performed in a professional theatre with a lighting grid and sound system.  The Mirror needs at least one month's notice to prepare for a performance.  The fee for The Screwtape Letters is necessarily higher than for the Mirror's other plays, because it involves two actors, a stage manager, a set, a computer projector, and at least a day's worth of technical rehearsal prior to performance.

Fee: $4,000
Expenses: Travel and lodging for 2 actors, plus 1 stage manager
If you charge admission, you are required to pay the C.S. Lewis estate a royalty equal to 3% of your gross box office receipts, and another 3% of the receipts to me as adaptor.  If you do not charge admission for the event, you are not required to pay a royalty.

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