Resumé, Anthony Lawton
Anthony Lawton
(215) 432-4999

Hair: Brown                   Eyes: Green                 Voice: High Baritone                            Height: 5’11”                              Weight: 175

OF MICE AND MEN *                                                     George                                              Walnut St. Theatre
OLIVER!                                                                             Bill Sikes                                           Walnut St. Theatre
ROMEO AND JULIET                                                     Friar Laurence                                 Arden Theatre Co.                                                       
PLAYLAND                                                                       Gideon                                              Wilma Theatre
ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA                                        Enobarbus                                        Pennsylvania Shakespeare
THE SEAFARER                                                                Ivan                                                  Arden Theatre Co.
THE LONESOME WEST                                                 Coleman                                           Lantern Theater
THREEPENNY OPERA                                                   Tiger Brown                                     Wilma Theatre
THE WINTER’S TALE                                                     Autolycus                                         Pennsylvania Shakespeare
BRIEF INTERVIEWS WITH HIDEOUS MEN              various                                             1812 Productions/Phila Fringe
THE FOOCY                                                                      Bobil, etc.                                         Delaware Theatre Company
LOOT *                                                                               Truscott                                            Arden Theatre Co.
SWEENEY TODD *                                                          Fogg (U/S Sweeney)                     Arden Theatre Co.
TWELFTH NIGHT                                                           Feste                                                 Pennsylvania Shakespeare
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM                             Bottom                                             Pennsylvania Shakespeare
A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS                                         Cromwell                                         Pennsylvania Shakespeare
OTHELLO                                                                         Roderigo                                          Lantern Theater
A PRAYER FOR OWEN MEANY                                  Mr. Meany                                      Arden Theatre Co.
JAMES JOYCE’S THE DEAD                                         Freddy Malins                                Arden Theatre Co.
IT'S ALL TRUE                                                                 Howard DaSilva                             InterAct Theatre
HAMLET*                                                                         Laertes                                             Boar’s Head Theatre, MI
ARCADIA                                                                         Chater                                              Wilma Theatre
TRUE WEST *                                                                   Austin                                              Lantern Theater
A DOLL’S HOUSE                                                           Krogstad                                          Lantern Theater
THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS                                         Screwtape                                       Mirror/Lantern Theatre Cos.
THE GREAT DIVORCE                                                  Clive et al                                        Mirror/Lantern Theatre Cos.
THE DEVIL AND BILLY MARKHAM                         Storyteller                                      
Mirror Theatre/Philly Fringe Festival
HERESY                                                                             Tony Lawton                                  Mirror Theatre/Philly Fringe Festival
THE TEMPEST                                                                 Stephano                                         Pennsylavania Shakespeare
CYRANO DE BERGERAC                                             Jodelet (U/S Cyrano)                    Walnut St. Theatre
AS YOU LIKE IT                                                              LeBeau/Willem/Martext             Delaware Theatre Company

OTHELLO                                                                        Iago (U/S)                                        Pearl Theatre Co.
THE GOOD NATUR’D MAN                                       Philip/Dubardieu                           Pearl Theatre Co.


UNBREAKABLE                         Hostage Father M. Night Shyamalan, dir.

INVINCIBLE Reporter                   Disney

LAW ABIDING CITIZEN Trunk Cop F. Gary Gray, dir.


COLD CASE Richter                     Tim Mattheson, dir.

HACK Brody Robert Singer, dir.

AMERICA’S MOST WANTED Peeping Tom Fox Network


B.A. in Great Books, University of Notre Dame, ‘89 (cum laude)

M.F.A. in Acting, Temple University, ‘92


Classics, with Michael Langham and Helen Burns, Philadelphia Summer Theatre Institute, ‘98

Certified Stage Combatant (Payson Burt, Society of American Fight Choreographers)

Jazz, Tap, Modern (Kathy Garinella, Temple University)

Singing (Arecenia Rosal, Temple University)

Teaching Experience:

Beginning Acting, University of Pennsylvania ('08)

Teen Acting, Walnut St. Theatre ('04-'05)

Solo Acting, Wilma Theatre ('05)

Beginning Acting, Community College of Philadelphia ('04)

Acting, Directing, Solo Performance, Shakespeare, University of Notre Dame (’00-’02)

Beginning Acting, Public Speaking Temple Univeristy (’92, ‘98)

Acting II, Arden Theatre Co. (’97,‘98)

Drama Camp, Friends’ Central School (Summer, ‘97, ‘98)

Walnut Street Theatre (Fall ‘04)

Community College of Philadelphia (Fall ‘04)

Role: Clive (and Adaptor)
Performed in: Oxford and Cambridge, England (International Conference hosted by C.S. Lewis Foundation), plus Eastern University (St. David’s, PA), Philadelphia Bible College, and churches in Ambler, Bryn Mawr, Warminster, and Abington, PA; Ithaca and Long Island, NY; Austin, TX; Orlando, FL; Colorado Springs and Denver, CO; Shelbyville, Nashville and Cookeville, TN; and Portland, OR.

B.A. in Great Books, University of Notre Dame, ‘89 (cum laude)
M.F.A. in Acting, Temple University, ‘92

All Dialects, Juggle, Stand-Up Comedy, Speak French (fluently) and Spanish (passably) Scuba Certified

*Served as Fight Captain on this Show

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