In 2009, Lawton first performed this autobiographical play.  It is the story of his spiritual life.

The audience comes along with Lawton for the story of his childhood, spiritual formation, his choice of vocation, his two failed marriages, a profound crisis of faith, and a new understanding of Christ and Christianity.  Much of the story is funny, but much of it concerns serious themes of morality, orthodoxy and fundamentalism, and spiritual life.  This is a play for audiences willing to take a serious, questioning look at religion.

The play contains profanity, frank discussion of sex, and ideas that some may consider to be blasphemous.  Children under 17 not admitted.

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   Heresy should be performed in a theatrical space where a complete blackout is possible, and where it is possible to mount a computer projector and screen.  A few hours' technical rehearsal with an experienced stage manager would be good.  If no such facilities are available, the play can be adapted to virtually any space.

Fee: $1,000
Expenses: Travel and lodging for one actor
Royalties: If you charge admission to the event, royalty = 6% of gross box office receipts.  If you do not charge admission, no royalty required.
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