The Devil and Billy Markham
The Devil and Billy Markham is a 90-minute solo play written by Shel Silverstein, author of such beloved works as The Giving Tree and Where the Sidewalk Ends.

   The play consists of six tall-tales about Billy -- a songwriter, good-ol'-boy, and ne'er-do-well -- and his misadventures with the Devil.  The text is entirely written in rhymed couplets, punctuated here and there with song, mostly in the vein of blues or country genres.  The tone of the play is raucous and raunchy, full of bumptious humor alternating with thrills of spiritual dread and pathos.

   Prospective clients should be warned that this play is not Silverstein's typical family fare.  While the Mirror believes that the the themes of the play are sacrifice and redemption, it is also unapologetically and joyously profane.  Parental guidance is advised for audience members under the age of 17.

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   As with The Great Divorce, The Devil and Billy Markham can be performed in any space from a theatre to a living room.  No special lighting, space, or sound considerations are required.  The play can be performed with as little as one day's notice.

Fee: $1,000
Expenses: Travel and Lodging

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